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About us

Pastor Angie

Inspired Leader, Change Agent

Angie Saccaro is a prophetic voice motivated by Truth; once she comes to know the truth about something she is compelled by the Holy Spirit to act upon that truth.  Angie believes God is calling all Believers to be unified around the Gospel, to make space in the Church for all voices to be equally valued, and to stop “doing” church and start “being” the church.


God’s training ground for Angie has been in the trenches of the Church learning from the ground up.  He made a way for her to overcome many fears and lies that were foundational in her life in order to allow the prophetic and apostolic giftings to be set free to serve His people.


Angie has been in full-time ministry since 1998 and has served at rural and urban churches, white, black and multi-cultural churches, big and small churches, rich and poor churches.  God moved her to Milwaukee, WI in 2004 and began to break her heart over the state of the city: violence, poverty, segregation, racism, disparity, disunity of the Church. Angie grew to love Milwaukee and now considers it home.  


In 2016 God called Angie to step out of church staff and create a non-profit ministry.  Angie Saccaro Ministries was born in January 2017 and is called to build God-sized bridges across ethnicities, cultures and denominations to grow unity and create spaces for God’s presence to bring healing through truth and worship.  We do this through transformational unity, healing worship and multiplying leadership in two distinct ministries: MKE Multicultural Worship Leaders Network and You Matter Prison Ministry.


Angie has two adopted children, Elliana and Judah, who she adores and several other children of her heart that she’s grateful for the opportunity to love.  

our BOARD:
Pastor Darryl Seay
Lisa Stanek
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